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  Are you prepared if lightning strikes? A high majority of businesses fail after experiencing crucial data loss in the event of a disaster. Protect your business with a Disaster Recovery Plan.

ITDataService professionals have extensive experience in the following areas:

Risk Analysis

What threats face your business? Have you considered how vulnerable your business is to Fire, Earthquake, Virus Attack, Loss of Key Personnel or other major catastrophic events?

Business Impact Analysis

Should a disaster occur, how would the different aspects of your business be affected if you cannot resume operation within a reasonable time frame? What is reasonable /realistic to resume operations? What is the cost to your business if key systems are down?

Disaster Recovery Plan Development

You need to have a contingency plan in place for an emergency/disaster that will afford reasonable recovery in the event of loss of your systems, data, networks, etc.

Business Continuance Plans

How do you continue your business in the event your facilities no longer exist? What if your network system is no longer in existence? How do you mitigate the potential loss of revenue to your company? How do you survive a disaster and reestablish normal business operations? All aspects of your Disaster Recovery Plan are incorporated into your Business Continuance plan to cover HR, key personnel, physical facilities, public relations, image and more.

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We Provide Complete Data BackUP and Disaster Recovery