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ITDataService provide an array of support services for data, and networking infrastructure with extensive experience in network management solutions - sustainability, upgrades and troubleshooting.


ITDataService provides the following:

·         In-depth planning, engineering and implementation of LAN/WAN networks in multi-protocol environments

·         LAN Administration -- network troubleshooting, traffic analysis and security assessment

·         Network architect and design recommendations including strategic planning of complex interconnected WANs and LANs

·         Conduct planning, configuration and installation of networks with an array of topologies, protocols and infrastructure that include the following: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gig Ethernet FDDI, Token Ring, Frame Relay, ISDN, T1, T3, 56K, IP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, HSRP, VRRP, VPN, NAT IPsec and SNMP

·         Implement Security for Network Monitoring Services, Firewall Design and Implementation and Network Filters for Routers and Switches

·         Support the implementation and management of VPN//IP Extranet network for robust application offerings

·         WAN performance monitoring and fine tuning across campus environments

·         Evaluate and test of router and switch configurations including diverse subnets, routing tables, DHCP and DNS placement, security filters on routers and switches




Network Support and Software Applications